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How do Batch Replacements Work?

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Really well, actually. Probably not so well in the trial given the limitation on the number of things it will replace but it’s definitely worth trying out. Batch replacements are a topic unto themselves, I’ll get around to that asap. Message me if you have questions about it.

An undocumented (oh, wait) feature – if you right-click the find button (on the first tab) it adds the current search to the batch list in the Batch tab. Save the batch as a CSV, JSON is a bit tricky to edit. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it wasn’t. You can edit the CSV in Excel. There’s a CSV Instructions button on the batch tab that tells you how to format the CSV lines. Coming soon You can save it as an actual Excel file – CSV if too fiddly and it’s driving me nuts. I’m working on it.