Oh No! Yet another one of those unreadable End User License Agreements

Don’t steal this software, please.

Unless you are trying out CAD Replace, you need a valid, paid-up license to use this software. You don’t own it (you never own any software you didn’t write yourself) your license allows you to use it and entitles you my support for it.

Don’t reverse-engineer it or decompile it, that would be thievery. It took me ten years to write this and I have kids to feed.

You are an adult. Your work is your responsibility. Save your Work – often. Back it up too. – often. We have all seen “those” disasters, don’t let it be you.¬†You (mis)use this product at your own risk. Batch operations can do lots of things really fast so watch what you’re doing, ok? “Undo” is no good to you if you just piled a week’s work on top of a big mistake. Pay attention!

If CAD Replace is broken I will fix it but I can’t rewind time. CAD bloke’s liability is limited to a full refund of your purchase price, if you insist. Why? Because opportunist morons spoil it for the rest of us trying to do the right thing by each other.

Does it really have to be any more complicated than that? We all know the rules, let’s play fair, eh?